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Crowdfunding Platform

As a Local Yet Global Opportunities partner, we help Local companies worldwide create channels for expansion. From commercial brokering to digital services, the S.M.E industry will be disrupted by technologies like Blockchain.

Our mission is to utilize this new innovative technology and platform to empower local, small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs in starting, building and growing their ventures.

This will be accomplished by creating a holistic and cohesive ecosystem that caters to localized marketing, I.C.O marketing and PR campaign, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency consultation, digital banking and private portfolio assessment for these small businesses.

Project Service Centers

Fulfillment Services | Promoted Crowdfunding Platform | Info Publishing | Crypto Centric Executive Search | 365 Ad Agencies | Influencer Marketing | Certified Funnel Development | Cryptocurrency Syndicate | Legal Consultation | Charity Works

The Market

Small Business and Entrepreneurs are always looking to expand their current business or start a new venture and with so much benefit to local economy its behooves us to see them achieve success. Lack of capital plus ineffective marketing or no marketing at all causes a large amount of companies to close their doors.

Now imagine your favorite barbecue pit connects with LYGO and puts out a sauce that gets distributed locally, nationally and then globally? What about the Chinese venture looking to localize their product line to the American tastes and expand their new brand into the USA…

With our holistic approach and synergistic relationships, we can help both ventures achieve success through a systematic & proven approach.

The fact is the decentralized model no business is limited to an area or shackled by restraints older generations had to solve in order to expand and not just survive but thrive.

Our Platform is designed to empower these businesses while boosting the local economy, and entrepreneurs with the technical services and digital technology they need to succeed.